News Articles about Dissociation
  • The New York Times
    Feeling Unreal? Many Others Feel the Same

  • The Washington Post
    A Flight of Mind, The Act of Dissociation Can Protect Children Emotionally From Trauma, but Repeated Use May Cause Lasting Harm

  • Yale Scientific
    The Shattered Self: Understanding Dissociative Disorders

  • Clinical Psychology News
    Are Dissociative Disorders Unusual or Ubiquitous?

  • Science News
    Interviews Unmask Multiple Personalities

  • Psychiatric Times
    Advances in Diagnosis and Treatment of Dissociation: The SCID-D in Clinical Practice

  • Many Voices
    Dissociation and Trauma: A Professor's Perspective

  • WebMD
    Near Death - or Near Wit's End? (link to WebMD article)


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