At times anyone may feel as if they are just going through the motions of life, or they may experience detachment from their feelings, but if these sensations are consistent and are making it hard to function and relate to others, these may be signs of dissociation. This screening test is designed to determine whether you have experienced signs of depersonalization and may be at risk for a dissociative disorder. Review the following statements and indicate how often you have had that experience. After finishing the test, click Score my Questionnaire and you will receive a brief summary. It is recommended that you share this questionnaire with a physician or mental health professional who can perform a complete evaluation and can determine whether you are experiencing depression and/or depersonalization.

Never Once or
Sometimes Many
all the
Only with
drugs or
1. I have gone thru the motions of living while the real me was far away from what was happening to me.
2. I have felt that I was living in a dream
3. I have been able to see myself from a distance, as if I were outside of my body watching a movie of myself.
4. I feel that I can turn off or detach from my emotions.
5. My behavior has felt out of control.
6. I have purposely hurt or cut myself so that I could feel pain or that I am real.
7. I have gone through the motions of working while I felt that my mind was somewhere else.
8. I feel as if I am "spacey".
9. I have had the feeling that I was a stranger to myself or have not recognized myself in the mirror.
10. One part of me does things while an observing part talks to me about them.
11. I have felt as if parts of my body were disconnected from the rest of my body.
12. My whole body or parts of it have seemed unreal or foreign to me.
13. I have felt as if words flowed from my mouth but they were not in my control.
14. I have felt that my emotions are not in my control.
15. I have felt invisible.
    NO YES      
Did the experience(s) interfere with your relationships with friends, family or coworkers?      
Did it affect your ability to work?      
Did it cause you discomfort or stress?      


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This questionnaire is reprinted from THE STRANGER IN THE MIRROR - Dissociation: The Hidden Epidemic, by Marlene Steinberg, M.D., Maxine Schnall. Copyright 2000, Marlene Steinberg, M.D.. No part of this questionnaire may be copied, distributed, transmitted or reproduced in any manner whatsoever without the written consent of Dr. Steinberg. Up to two questions from the test may be reproduced in articles which include the following citation: Steinberg, M, Schnall, M: THE STRANGER IN THE MIRROR - Dissociation: The Hidden Epidemic, HarperCollins, 2000.

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