The Stranger in the Mirror: Dissociation - The Hidden Epidemic
Dr. Marlene Steinberg & Maxine Schnall

The Best Book You Should be Sure to Read: The Stranger in the Mirror 
Reviewer: Dr. Pamela Hall
Founder and President NJ Chapter,
International Society for the Study of Dissociation

Finally, individuals suffering with traumatic symptoms are empowered! Dr. Marlene Steinberg has shattered the wall of therapeutic silence concerning the proper diagnosis and treatment of abuse survivors. The Stranger in the Mirror is a masterful integration of sound therapeutic principles and riveting accounts of actual patients with post-traumatic symptoms. The SCID-D, developed by Dr. Steinberg, is a rich and incisive clinical tool essential to obtain a precise diagnosis of any post-traumatic condition. Her compassionately written book is a must read not only for individuals with trauma-based disorders, but for anyone who has survived a traumatic or very stressful experience.  It also serves as an excellent "mini-course" for therapists who are yet unaware of the special issues in trauma treatment today. At a time when most therapists are just beginning to distinguish dissociation from other psychiatric conditions, Dr. Steinberg is truly a  pioneer in her field. The Stranger in the Mirror will inspire survivors to seek the help they need so that they can understand themselves fully for the first time.

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