Client Testimonial
Intensive Out-patient Therapy with Dr. Steinberg

June 7, 2010

I was forty-two when I finally discovered there was a name for my dissociative disorder. Once pinpointed though, it took another thirteen years of searching and researching to fully understand dissociation and its path to effectual healing. Why so long? The three counselors I visited with during that time were also limited in their knowledge. However, I can't criticize them; they were general counselors. Just as one who has a specific medical problem would need to go from a general physician to a specialist to even possibly a more specialized specialist, so did I have to find a professional experienced in dissociation.

I first discovered Dr. Steinberg through her book The Stranger in the Mirror. I was relieved to read her description of my life in layman's language, and best of all, that I was not to blame. I was especially encouraged by her positive prognosis. Yet, even with my newfound knowledge undergirded with fervent fortitude, I could only go so far by myself. I knew better than to delve into the dark regions without an experienced guide. My prayers were answered when I contacted Dr. Steinberg and learned she had opened-up her practice for intensive therapy.

Having recently returned from four-weeks of intensive work with Dr. Steinberg, I can validate it was an ideal situation for my healing process. I needed the uninterrupted 3-4 hour daily sessions to make such significant progress. Yes, it was emotionally exhausting at times but never overwhelming. Actually knowing the work was concentrated, rather than long and drawn-out, inspired me to work harder. With the soothing backdrop of Naples and its beaches, I used the remaining hours of the day to focus on journeying into my past, and as Dr. Steinberg counseled, comforting and encouraging who I was as a child and who I am now. Each day when Dr. Steinberg perceived I was ready, she provided more resources and practical application for the next segment on my path.

Dr. Steinberg is too humble to acknowledge her own genius. Because of the years she invested in acquiring her vast knowledge through her degrees, fellowships and research, my life is richer. I no longer feel the pain and exhaustion from lifelong memories and resulting psychosomatic symptoms. Yet, her genius extends past academics. It also took this passionate physician's compassion and perspicacity to transform such a grueling process into a personal triumph for me.

She interwove what she knows intellectually with what she observed and discerned intuitively from my life story. She differentiated truths from lies, making sure I did too. As a pioneer in her field, Dr. Steinberg reaches into unknown regions to rescue lives.

I am blessed to be one of those lives.

My husband and I both agree this has been the most valuable investment I have ever made. I can't long for the years I didn't know. Those are behind me. I have met the stranger in my mirror, allowing me to live in the completeness of my reality. My healing continues with guided assuredness. My utmost hope is for others to realize life-changing progress can be made through Dr. Steinberg's intensive therapy and the fullness of living deserves to be theirs.

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