Spouse Testimonial:
Intensive Out-patient Therapy with Dr. Steinberg

September 6, 2010

Dear Dr. Steinberg,

Lisa has been home for almost four months. She has not only maintained the gains that she made in therapy, but she continues to improve. It doesn't seem that I could say enough good things about the benefits of the intensive therapy you did with her. Certainly the four weeks with several hours four to five days each week accomplished what would have taken years with weekly sessions.

A foundation was laid for continued growth as I alluded to above. I appreciate how you helped her face the buried pain from her past. It is also comforting to know that you remain available for phone sessions and that the intensive therapy can be continued if ever desired.

You are obviously very caring and have remarkable insight to the devastating effects of childhood sexual abuse. You are uniquely called and qualified for your profession. Thank you for your help.


W. R., M.D.

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