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Dissociative Disorders: Assessment, Diagnosis, and Informed Treatment for Clinicians, Forensic Evaluators, and Researchers

Workshop Director: Marlene Steinberg, M.D.

2012 Convention

Assessing dissociation is essential for effective treatment of trauma survivors. This workshop provides training in a reliable methodology to evaluate and inform treatment for dissociation. Considered the diagnostic gold standard, the SCID-D semi-structured clinical interview (American Psychiatric Publishing, 1994) allows clinicians to assess and document the severity of key dissociative symptoms and diagnose dissociative disorders. Videotaped interviews will illustrate discriminating manifestations of dissociative symptoms. This workshop is recommended for professionals differentially diagnosing adolescents and adults.

*This is a four hour workshop. See www.apa.org/convention for registration information as well as exact date and time of workshop.

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